• 11 May 2019
    • 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
    • Along Edgewater Drive in College Park (Orlando)




    1. College Park Spring Fest is a rain or shine event.
    2. No refunds. Includes, but not limited to, weather, failure to adhere to Terms & Conditions, and/or Vendor no-shows.
    3. Vendor must sign and submit the College Park Main Street's Hold Harmless/Indemnification Form in order to participate in event (this will be sent to the name/email on file, at the time of registration). Failure to submit signed document will deny Vendor access to the event.
    4. Vendor is responsible for Occupational and other licenses, as required by law:       
      • Proof of Liability Insurance, listing the College Park Main Street as an Additional Insured, is required for ALL Vendors (if you are not required to carry Liability Insurance, please contact the College Park Main Street office to discuss other options). Failure to submit proof of insurance/Additional Insured (COI) could deny Vendor access to the event.
      • Food Vendor is required to have food service license and must comply with all state laws and regulations.
      • Alcohol Vendors are required to have the appropriate permit, submitted to the College Park Main Street office via email no later than 1 week prior to event, and must comply with all state laws and regulations.
    5. Upon registration, Vendor must specify any special needs (Vendor booth type, size, product, etc.). The Event Planning Committee will make every effort to accommodate requests , however cannot guarantee all requests can be honored.
    6. Food Truck / Food Vendors must select/pay the correct registration level, and indicate need for electric.
    7. Vendor spaces are 10’ X 10’; Vendor is responsible for providing a tent and lighting, as well as other item necessary to run/maintain the booth (i.e. table, table cloth, extension cords, decorations, etc.).
    8. Vendor is responsible for their own extension cord(s) in order to connect to electricity. We do NOT provide extension cords or lighting.
    9. Non-food Vendors may NOT give away or sell any food or drink products - promotional give-away of food and/or drink is strictly prohibited.
    10. Vendor Check-In & Set-Up begins at 3PM - NO early arrivals.
    11. ALL Vendors’ must check-in at the intersection of West Winter Park Street and Edgewater Drive (unless you have received specific instructions directing you to a different intersection). If you are driving to your Vendor Space, you may only enter Edgewater Drive at West Winter Park Street. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    12. Vendor must abide by all rules & regulations, including directions provided at check-in/arrival. Failure to adhere to instructions may deny Vendor entry to this (forfeiture of registration fee) and future events.
    13. Vendor is responsible for maintaining their booth area at all times, and must keep their space tidy and remove all trash (during event and at tear down).
    14. Vendor, or a representative of your business, is required to remain in and/or with the booth throughout the entire event.
    15. Booth tear down is 11PM; early tear down will deny entry to future events.
    16. There is no Vendor exclusivity of product, and registration is 1st come 1st serve; the Event Planning Committee will make every effort to limit duplication of product, and reserves the right to deny registration if too many of one Vendor type has been submitted.
    17. The Event Planning Committee will manage the admittance of Vendors, and reserves the right to deny registration to any Vendor that is not proper for this event.     

    If you have questions regarding your Vendor Space/Registration, please EMAIL:


    • 11 May 2019
    • 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
    • College Park, along Edgewater Drive


    There are a limited number of VIP Tables available for purchase online.

    Each 60-inch table seats 10 guests and the 10 wristbands will be sent to you in advance.

    The tables are available on a first come, first served basis. Payment required to reserve. No refunds.

We are SOLD OUT for Food Trucks/Food Vendors for College Park Spring Fest.

If you have questions, please email reggie@collegeparkspringfest.com.


College Park Main Street
P.O Box 547744
Orlando, FL  32854

(407) 392-1717



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